Day: January 1, 2021

What Are The Most Important Factors To Check When You Want To Pick Your Online Broker? A Few Considerations You Should Make

Investing is done via a trading platform. Usually this is an online platform. The look and feel of online trading platforms are very different. Brokers know that. Many brokers therefore offer you, as an aspiring investor, the opportunity to get acquainted with their trading platform by means of a demo. Don’t simply try out each and every trading platform. You can compare brokers at . Make a pre-selection and try out the online demos of these brokers. Then choose the broker whose trading platform appeals to you the most. Or a platform of which you think the interface looks good and works well. One other options is to use the so called brokers vergelijken websites like

Independent global investing?

How much time do you want to spend investing? Do you want to be able to trade 24 hours a day on the stock exchanges in Asia, Europe and North and South America? Then choose a broker with an international offering. You can also compare brokers who give you advice on investeren in Apple aandelen. If you already have experience, choose a broker where you can trade without supervision.

If you want advice on how much risk you run with specific forms of investment, choose a broker who will let you be informed by economic experts. This is done via webinars and real-time chat options.

Special investor categories

brokers for special categoryWould you like to trade on a trading platform that suits your age? Or do you want to trade within one category, such as cryp currency? There are brokers that work especially for these target groups. They adapt their interfaces, trading methods and communication accordingly. Brokers that focus on younger investors often work with shorter term investments. Older investors are usually more patient. They do more in longer term investments.

You see, for every type of person and for every age there is a suitable broker. At most websites you can compare brokers on target group and age. This way you always end up with a broker you feel comfortable with.

For doubters there is fund investing

Do you have doubts about your knowledge of investing? Or are you unable to make a choice between the various forms of investment? Then go fund investing. Then you make an investment in a fund and specialists get to work with it. They spread the investment over various products. Fund investing is characterized by limited risks. You have to assume limited returns in the medium and long term. However, you are expected to invest high amounts of money.

While comparing brokers at  you can see which brokers require a high and which require a less high deposit.

Passing on costs

Of course, you want your deposit to be used as much as possible to invest. But you also have to pay for the services of the brokers. This is calculated in different ways. Some brokers charge service fees for developing and managing their online trading platform. For others, the costs are included as part of the trading price. International brokers usually settle the currency costs. Another very important factor to take into account when comparing brokers are the transaction costs. This is the amount that has to be paid to the broker per transaction. This amount can vary enormously: from a few cents to a few euros. Keep this in mind.

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